IMPROVISA app website
IMPROVISA app website
IMPROVISA app website

The IMPROVISA LIFE IN MOTION project will explore innovative models to increase the access to culture and heritage for the younger audience and communities with difficult access to that culture, such as immigrants and inmates, using digital and mobile technologies. The project will develop, implement and validate new co-created art-based activities combining audio-visual improvisation with cultural/heritage contents, from the museums and their audience, and supported by the use of interactive mobile tools. The intersectoral and cross-border collaboration, bridging ICT, arts and business, will support artists and museum professionals to face the changing skills requirements and explore new business models for the cultural sector.


The IMPROVISA project has the following objectives:

//   Explore new ways of using, sharing and disseminating cultural, artistic and European heritage contents through the use of mobile technologies.

//   Approach culture to the younger audience and difficult-to-reach communities through new formats of participative and art-based activities, enabling reinterpretation of culture and enhancing intercultural dialogue.

//   Promote cross-border and intersectoral mobility and exchange of knowledge between artists, museum professionals, ICT specialists and experts in audience development.

//   Analyse business models appropriate to the new needs of cultural, artistic and heritage organisations and support their professionals in the development of new skills (i.e. ICT and business skills).


To reach these objectives, the project envisages the following activities:

//   An Artists’ Residency & mobility program

//   The IMPROVISA Co-creation Lab and development of art-based proposals

//   Implementation of an IMPROVISA Mobile Toolkit

//   Training activities for CCS professionals

//   72 workshops in 3 EU countries


The project is a clear example of polyvocal creation, joining artists, scientists, technologists, end users, and museums from 5 EU countries (ES, IT, GR, PL, SI).

IMPROVISA app website
IMPROVISA app website
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