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IMPROVISA app website
IMPROVISA app website

Athens  2022  September 8

The Improvisa – Life in Motion final Conference took place at EMST – National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens (Greece) on September 8, 2022. 

As the Improvisa project completes a two-year journey in the world of European cultural heritage and digital technology, we presented how we explored new ways of approaching audiences through art-based activities with the use of the Improvisa App. What have we learned and what have we achieved?

The Improvisa – Life in Motion final Conference encourages cultural organizations, as well as institutions of formal and non-formal education in developing and using digital applications in creative activities.

See the summary of the conference here.

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IMPROVISA app website


The IMPROVISA Life in Motion consortium launched a Call for Artists in January 2021. We were inviting artists to submit proposals of artistic workshops that will encourage young people and other communities to interact with cultural goods by using digital technologies, with the app Improvisa, created during this European project by the artist Cristina Casanova from MYD tech company. This creative app allows users to experiment, improvise and compose visuals and sounds by playing with the keyboard.

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IMPROVISA app website


Thanks to the Improvisa – Life in Motion project and the Improvisa App,  the museums’ collections are at your fingertips. No limits to reinterpretations, simply a space where your ideas and attitudes to creation can be put into practice.

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IMPROVISA app website
IMPROVISA app website
IMPROVISA app website
IMPROVISA app website

IMPROVISA’s journey from 2008 to 2015

The first version of IMPROVISA was a computer desktop software developed in 2008 

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From 2008 to 2015 IMPROVISA desktop software was exhibited and replicated with great success in the artistic, educational, museum and patrimonial fields, to bring art and cultural heritage in a creative way to all types of audiences and all ages: artists, students and teachers, families and different social groups.

IMPROVISA app website

The collections

IMPROVISA Life in Motion call artists to present a proposal of activities for the reinterpretation of the collections of 

+  National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens (EMST) 

+  National Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia

+  and Galeria Labirynt, Lublin, Poland

IMPROVISA app website

Deadline for submission: 15/3/21

The IMPROVISA – Life in Motion Consortium invites EU artists to submit proposals with new approaches to engage audiences in cultural and heritage contents through the principles of improvisation and the use of mobile technologies. 

IMPROVISA – Life in Motion is a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Culture Programme. The project will explore the potential of the audio-visual improvisation driven by mobile technologies, through participatory experiences aimed to engage audiences with difficult access to culture.

One of the main outcomes of the project is the use of IMPROVISA Mobile app, an application to create audiovisual compositions, interacting with sounds and visuals, based on free audiovisual experimentation, that will be developed in mobile version during this project.

During the project, the selected artists will reinterpret the museums and galleries collections, by creating multimedia content – pictures, samplers and short videos – with the participation of the different audience groups, that will be uploaded to the IMPROVISA Mobile app, and offered to the audiences to interact, experiment and create new compositions and contents in a collaborative and attractive way.

How to apply?

 Deadline for submission: 15/3/21

To apply, please fill out the application form and send it with the following pdf documents:

+ A short description (500 words + images) of your creative proposal, including how you would like to approach your target audience for the co-reinterpretation of the collections offered by the museums and galleries by creating multimedia content with them

+ A brief CV (2 pages maximum)

+ A selection of your work (5 pieces of work on pages maximum + links if applicable)

Deadline for submission: 15/3/21

IMPROVISA app website