Background . IMPROVISA’s journey from 2008 to 2015

The first version of IMPROVISA was a computer desktop software developed in 2008

The original software, created by Cristina Casanova, allowed users to generate and record audiovisual compositions using sound samplers and visuals (predefined or uploaded by the same users) playing the keyboard of the computer as a piano.

From 2008 to 2015 IMPROVISA desktop software was exhibited and replicated with great success in the artistic, educational, museum and patrimonial fields, to bring art and cultural heritage in a creative way to all types of audiences and all ages: artists, students and teachers, families and different social groups.

videotutorial IMPROVISA aplication (2010)
IMPROVISA app background journey
IMPROVISA app website Sounds & Pixels

“Sounds & Pixels” workshops at Miró Foundation

Barcelona 2009 / 2015.
The most exciting outcome of the workshops was to see teenagers overcome their musical stereotypes and use Bach and Vivaldi music, sound fragments of John Cage and vocal performances, etc. mixing them with images and videos to create their own audio-visual compositions, and then execute them, in a mixture of pride, satisfaction and shyness, in front of their peers, teachers and parents.

autoplay improvisa web

IMPROVISA around Gaudí, La Pedrera Foundation, 2010

In 2010, La Pedrera entrusts Cristina Casanova with a customized version of IMPROVISA based on the visual motifs of La Pedrera, to disseminate Gaudí’s heritage.
IMPROVISA AROUND GAUDI software allows users to approach the heritage of La Pedrera in a playful, participatory and creative way.

IMPROVISA around Maillol, La Pedrera Foundation, 2011-12

In 2011, on the occasion of the retrospective exhibition of Aristides Maillol, a great representative of modern art, La Pedrera is betting again on a personalised version of IMPROVISA, to disseminate its heritage through new strategies of public participation, both in the rooms of the museum to interact with the exhibition, and through the networks to expand it with online visitors.